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How IVF Process works ?
In this process the female egg is taken out under anaesthesia and fertilized with the husband sperm in the lab. The embryo formed after 3-5 days is transferred back in the uterus.

How much time does IVF take?
May involve 2-3 visits:
1.One day for check-up / Pre-IVF preparation
2.15 days for IVF procedure (Second Visit)
3.Embryo transfer (Required only in some cases)

Is IVF painful?
No, IVF may sometimes cause mild discomfort or pain:
1.The injections used for IVF are purified and injected in subcutaneous form
2.The egg collection process is done under anaesthesia which is totally painless

What is the cost of IVF treatment?
The cost of IVF treatment may vary between ?1.25 Lakhs to ?2 Lakhs Approx. and depends on following factors.
1.Reasons for male & female infertility
2.Treatment method/technology suggested (Including additional treatments & services)
3.Any other pre-existing medical condition
4.Pre-implantation genetic testing (If required)

What are the potential side effects of undergoing IVF?
Given streamlined changes in the process, most patients tolerate the process really well. We rarely see ovarian hyperstimulation these days, since we changed our medication protocols. Since we use sequencing technologies to identify healthy embryos, we can now avoid twins and triplets. In other words, aside from bloating and inconvenience, IVF is now really well tolerated.

Is there anything that could negatively impact IVF success?
Given the decline in egg quality that occurs with age, women who are older or who experience premature ovarian aging often take more attempts to produce a healthy egg. By maintaining a healthy life style, a healthy body weight, and a focus on health and wellness, success rates can be optimized.

Where are eggs/sperm/embryos stored?
Thery are stored in our andrology and embryology laboratories. Eggs, sperm, and embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen. The duration of time gametes and embryos are frozen does not affect the success rate of the procedure using the frozen specimen. Atour centre all frozen specimens are located on-site in a secure room equipped with a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week alarm-monitoring system to alert embryologists regarding any change in temperature.